Encouragement for the Journey

Don’t worry about your child’s grade. Just let em’ do the best that they can each day. Children grow intellectually as they do physically, in spurts. Although we may have an audience of skeptical relatives, educating at home is not a circus, and we refuse to train our children to do tricks for people.

Monkey Munch Recipe 9 July, 2008

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One night I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and Kate was making this concoction she calls “Monkey Munch”. It looks to be a real treat for kids. Needless to say I looked up the recipe; can’t wait to make it!

Monkey Munch Recipe:

9 cup Chex
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Put cereal in large bowl. Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.

Pour over Chex cereal, put into a large plastic bag with powdered sugar and shake well to coat.

Spread mixture evenly on wax paper and allow to cool.


My Favorite Prayer book

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First published in 1880, Rev. Cramer begins at the door of the Church with the mother who has come for God’s blessing upon her as a mother. He continues to explain along with this beautiful ceremony, the vocation of Motherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill this important vocation.
Rev Cramer explains how a young woman should approach the sacrament of matrimony and then assists her in the proper education of her children. After all the important advice on raising children many prayers are included covering all the situations of a mother and her children.
This book, considered timely at the turn of the century, is more so now since in the past many lessons that may have been overlooked by mothers were taught by the sisters at Catholic schools and mothers could also find true Catholic answers to the circumstances of daily life. The lessons that are learned at the foot of the mother are necessary all through life and unto eternity. This treasure for mothers will provide the advise mothers need to raise their children and the prayers she should daily raise to heaven to request graces for her family.

* Duties toward their children and how to fulfill them
* The proper love they should have toward their children
* The examples both good and bad that they give to their children by their actions
* How and when to introduce the children to the truths of our holy religion
* How to behave with regard to the faults of the children & how to rid their children of faults including:
* Stubbornness
* Vanity
* Lies
* Irritability
* Anger
* Selfishness, and more..
* The importance of modesty and innocence
* The mother’s direction of her children
* God’s word concerning parents and their duties
* How to pray for her children and herself
* The duties of a mother of a priest
* To offer Holy Mass to obtain the graces necessary to fulfill her vocation.
* To offer Holy Mass for her children.
* To obtain the grace to give good example
* For the most important situations and necessities of a mother,
* To obtain the gifts of the Holy Ghost
* Prayers for children preparing for their first Confession and for children preparing for their first communion
* The Holy Way of the Cross to be made by the Christian mother for the benefit of her children
* The Rosary of the Christian mother
* To obtain for a son a vocation to the priesthood
* Many more!


Routines 8 July, 2008

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Our Daily routine

Here is our daily routine that we generally follow:


I do not set an alarm in the morning, but I usually wake up between 6:00 and 7:00. Here is my morning routine:

  • get up & get dressed 
  • wash face / fix hair
  • Plan dinner/thaw meat
  • juice, vitamins and wake up kids (kids are usually up by now but they are not allowed down stairs until I call them)
  • oversee breakfast prep. / prayer reading while kids eat
  • kids morning routine: make bed, wash up, brush teeth
  • discuss chore lists w/kids 
  • start laundry
  • Play time outside (we’re taking a summer break from studies)
  • Dinner @Noon

After dinner clean up I send the big kids up stairs to read and the two little ones stay in my room for quite time. I usually read or put my feet up for a bit.

After an hour and a half, I get everyone up and give them a snack. Then we take a walk or play outside some more.

Around 4pm I start supper and the kids get to watch a show or dvd while they fold their laundry.
We eat supper between 5:00-6:00 and everyone helps with clean-up.

  • Free time
  • showers and brush teeth
  • room clean up
  • Read family story to the kids
  • Prayers

Kids are in bed by 8pm

Quite time for me reading, prayers.

I try to get to sleep by 9:30, here lately it’s been way later.


Lovely Mornings~ 2 July, 2008

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Sometimes it is so hard to get going in the mornings.  I am not a morning person but mornings would not be so difficult had I went to bed at a decent hour. I have a tendency to stay up late reading…there I said it.  With the husband away my late nights are later than usual.  I know that when I do not put God or His “will” first, my life can get out of balance.  Hannah Whitall Smith said in the last paragraph of the first chapter of her lovely book, “The God of All Comfort”.

“Mistakes in the telling there may be, and for these I ask the charity of my readers. But the thing I want to say, and to say in such a way that no one can fail to understand is this, that our religious lives ought to be full of joy, and peace, and comfort, and that, if we become better acquainted with God, they will be.” 

After I had my first child, out of necessity I drew especially near to God – in a childlike way, I sought God–early each morning, in the middle of the night–the only times available to me to be truly alone with Him, which ultimately resulted in great intimacy with Him throughout the moments of every day. When hard times came (and when they come) I didn’t stuff things or complain to other people, I was/and am raw and real–entirely honest, with, and before, God. The difference was, and continually is, that only God has access to the *in*side of a heart and mind. Only God has unconditional love and understanding, and as the Bible says, His power is made perfect in *our weakness*–He is magnetically drawn to our need.

What I hope you see here in this blog, which is essentially a daily journal of windows into my life–which I believe in reality it is *far* more beautiful, than could possibly be conveyed in a series of short blog posts–is me having given God, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, over the years, all I am and am not (tired, brain-fogged, in pain, fearful, angry–whatever at any given time) and God taking what I give Him and in it’s place giving me, Himself.