Encouragement for the Journey

Don’t worry about your child’s grade. Just let em’ do the best that they can each day. Children grow intellectually as they do physically, in spurts. Although we may have an audience of skeptical relatives, educating at home is not a circus, and we refuse to train our children to do tricks for people.

Lovely Mornings~ 2 July, 2008

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Sometimes it is so hard to get going in the mornings.  I am not a morning person but mornings would not be so difficult had I went to bed at a decent hour. I have a tendency to stay up late reading…there I said it.  With the husband away my late nights are later than usual.  I know that when I do not put God or His “will” first, my life can get out of balance.  Hannah Whitall Smith said in the last paragraph of the first chapter of her lovely book, “The God of All Comfort”.

“Mistakes in the telling there may be, and for these I ask the charity of my readers. But the thing I want to say, and to say in such a way that no one can fail to understand is this, that our religious lives ought to be full of joy, and peace, and comfort, and that, if we become better acquainted with God, they will be.” 

After I had my first child, out of necessity I drew especially near to God – in a childlike way, I sought God–early each morning, in the middle of the night–the only times available to me to be truly alone with Him, which ultimately resulted in great intimacy with Him throughout the moments of every day. When hard times came (and when they come) I didn’t stuff things or complain to other people, I was/and am raw and real–entirely honest, with, and before, God. The difference was, and continually is, that only God has access to the *in*side of a heart and mind. Only God has unconditional love and understanding, and as the Bible says, His power is made perfect in *our weakness*–He is magnetically drawn to our need.

What I hope you see here in this blog, which is essentially a daily journal of windows into my life–which I believe in reality it is *far* more beautiful, than could possibly be conveyed in a series of short blog posts–is me having given God, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, over the years, all I am and am not (tired, brain-fogged, in pain, fearful, angry–whatever at any given time) and God taking what I give Him and in it’s place giving me, Himself.



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