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Don’t worry about your child’s grade. Just let em’ do the best that they can each day. Children grow intellectually as they do physically, in spurts. Although we may have an audience of skeptical relatives, educating at home is not a circus, and we refuse to train our children to do tricks for people.

I’ve moved! 29 September, 2008

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Please visit me at my new home!


~*~The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~*~ 14 July, 2008

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Please stop by Peggy’s at The Simple Woman

for all the links entered in this week’s Daybook 

For Today…


Outside my Window…there is grass that needs to be manicured
and weeds that need a good whack’in.




I am thinking…about all the “to-do’s” I need to accomplish this week. Thinking it was a good idea (after all) that we
decided to take a break from studies this summer.




I am thankful for…Divine Mercy.
The message of mercy is that God loves us — all of us —
no matter how great our sins. He wants us to recognize that
His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon
Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others.




From the kitchen…only breakfast and dinner served this week. Vacation Bible School will be cooking supper for the kids and teachers! Thank you Jesus!




I am creating…my spending plan for next terms school books,
supplies and our upcoming vacation.




I am going…to try and stretch what little bit of milk I have till tomorrow; I really don’t want to tackle the commissary crowd today.




I am wearing…black skirt and t-shirt, hair up in a clip. I’ll shower later when it gets closer to when we need to leave for VBS.




I am reading…up on Sonlight. I am seriously considering
adding a core to our curriculum.




I am hoping…for more thunderstorms,
I really like the sound of storms at night.




I am hearing…the girls wrestle around and the boys

 playing connect four.




Around the house…most of the chores were done on Saturday,
just the normal picking up here and there to be done.




One of my favorite things…getting down on the floor with my children, playing and tickling each other.




A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…VBS every evening this week, some shopping to do on Tuesday and a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon.




Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


Make your own Laundry Soap and SAVE $ 12 July, 2008

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I really like to save money and more importantly I like to know/control the ingredients in the items we use.  Do a search for recipes and try out a few to get a feel of which process you like.  Trent at my favorite money/frugality blog has calculated the savings of making laundry soap and it basically equates out to an average $0.03 cents a load…wow, right.  If you want to research this idea more please visit “The Simple Dollar“.  Trent has done an excellent job of detailing everything for you!

Liquid Laundry Detergent:


2 gallon Recipe:


3 Pints Water

1/3 bar Fels Naptha Soap, grated

1/2 cup Washing Soda (Arm and Hammer, NOT baking soda though!!)

1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax

2 Gallon bucket to mix it in

1 Quart hot water Hot Water


Mix Fels Naptha soap in a saucepan with 3 pints hot water and heat on low until dissolved. Stir in Washing Soda and Borax. Stir until thickened, and remove from heat. Add 1 Quart Hot Water to 2 gallon Bucket. Add soap mixture, and mix well. Fill bucket with additional hot water, and mix well. Set aside for 24 hours, or until mixture thickens. Use 1/2 cup of mixture per load.


5 gallon Recipe: (my favorite)



1 bar grated Fels Naptha soap

5 gallon bucket

1 cup washing soda (Again, Arm and Hammer)

4 1/2 gallons water


Put grated Fels Naptha in saucepan and cover with water. Heat on low until dissolved. Fill bucket with hot water and add soap. Stir to combine. Add 1 cup washing soda and mix well. As it cools, it will thicken. May be used immediately. Use 1- 2 cups per load.  I sometimes add



Powdered Laundry Detergent


1 cup grated Fels Naptha Soap

1/2 cup washing soda

1/2 cup 20 mule team borax

Mix and store in airtight container or bag. For light loads, use 2 tablespoon. For heavy loads, use 3 tablespoons.


To make a large batch – grate 6 bars of Fels Naptha Soap and then add 3 cups of Washing Soda and 3 cups of 20 Mule Team Borax.  Mix well and store in covered container.


Great post from the Rockin’ Granola

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For everyone wanting to simplify their day, do please read Kara’s post on “Creating a Daily & Weekly Routine“.


Twenty Four Tips for a Better Life by Nancy’s Comfortable Cottage Living 11 July, 2008

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1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

3. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, ‘My purpose is to __________ today.’

4. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured.

5. Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon, broccoli, almonds & walnuts.

6. Try to make at least three people smile each day.

7. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

8. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out credit card.

9. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

10. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

11. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

12. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

13. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present.

14. Don’t compare your life to others’. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

15. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

16. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: ‘In five years, will this matter?’

17. Forgive everyone for everything.

18. What other people think of you is none of your business.

19. GOD heals. . . and He can heal everything if its in His plan. We just need to trust His bigger picture.

20. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

21. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will. Stay in touch!!!

22. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

23. Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements:  I am thankful for __________.    Today I accomplished _________.

24. Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed.


Monkey Munch Recipe 9 July, 2008

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One night I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and Kate was making this concoction she calls “Monkey Munch”. It looks to be a real treat for kids. Needless to say I looked up the recipe; can’t wait to make it!

Monkey Munch Recipe:

9 cup Chex
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Put cereal in large bowl. Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.

Pour over Chex cereal, put into a large plastic bag with powdered sugar and shake well to coat.

Spread mixture evenly on wax paper and allow to cool.


My Favorite Prayer book

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First published in 1880, Rev. Cramer begins at the door of the Church with the mother who has come for God’s blessing upon her as a mother. He continues to explain along with this beautiful ceremony, the vocation of Motherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill this important vocation.
Rev Cramer explains how a young woman should approach the sacrament of matrimony and then assists her in the proper education of her children. After all the important advice on raising children many prayers are included covering all the situations of a mother and her children.
This book, considered timely at the turn of the century, is more so now since in the past many lessons that may have been overlooked by mothers were taught by the sisters at Catholic schools and mothers could also find true Catholic answers to the circumstances of daily life. The lessons that are learned at the foot of the mother are necessary all through life and unto eternity. This treasure for mothers will provide the advise mothers need to raise their children and the prayers she should daily raise to heaven to request graces for her family.

* Duties toward their children and how to fulfill them
* The proper love they should have toward their children
* The examples both good and bad that they give to their children by their actions
* How and when to introduce the children to the truths of our holy religion
* How to behave with regard to the faults of the children & how to rid their children of faults including:
* Stubbornness
* Vanity
* Lies
* Irritability
* Anger
* Selfishness, and more..
* The importance of modesty and innocence
* The mother’s direction of her children
* God’s word concerning parents and their duties
* How to pray for her children and herself
* The duties of a mother of a priest
* To offer Holy Mass to obtain the graces necessary to fulfill her vocation.
* To offer Holy Mass for her children.
* To obtain the grace to give good example
* For the most important situations and necessities of a mother,
* To obtain the gifts of the Holy Ghost
* Prayers for children preparing for their first Confession and for children preparing for their first communion
* The Holy Way of the Cross to be made by the Christian mother for the benefit of her children
* The Rosary of the Christian mother
* To obtain for a son a vocation to the priesthood
* Many more!